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About Us
Foundation for Children / MED ASSIST USA has been working with orphaned children since 1997. 
We have provided over $15 million worth of medical equipment to the children of Crimea, Ukraine through the Republic Children's Hospital and various orphanages. We donated C arm x-ray machines and $65,000 worth of medical goods to the Haiti efforts of Crudem after the earthquake. We provided toys to children incarcerated with their mothers in Afghanistan.
In 2007 we began recruiting surgical teams to work side by side with Ukrainian doctors to provide delicate surgery for children. Teams travel annually.
In 2011 we began our Diabetes Garden education program through Rotary International.
Foundation for Children, Inc., also doing business as MED ASSIST USA, is a 501(c)3 organization, approved by the IRS for tax free donations.  We are a Florida not for profit corporation. 
The work of our foundation is based on the belief that healing children contributes to world peace and stability. Our entire team is committed to meeting that goal.  We spend over 90% of your donations on the needs of the children, through extensive volunteer contributions.
Donations are needed.  We also need leads to funders who are interested in supporting our work.
Charles Moore, M.D.
Nancy Krivit, MSW
Joyce Sibson Dove
James Lewis Dove, Jr.

Qualified professionals who wish to volunteer to travel with us, please email us at 
Mailing address:
Foundation for Children Inc. / MedAssist Inc.
P.O. Box 10426
Tallahassee, FL 32302-2426

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