Foundation for Children, Inc. - Med Assist USA
Foundation for Children a Florida not for profit, 501(C)3 corporation has been working in Ukraine since 1997. Our initial focus in Ukraine was to replace the incubators in the children’s hospital, all of which were found to be non working on our first trip in 1996. We were able to secure the same model which the hospital had received during Soviet times, retro fitted to 220 current, to minimize re-training needs and repair potential. We continue to ship as many incubators as we can get donated. This effort alone reduces neo natal deaths by about 500 children annually.
Dr. Charles Moore and board president Joyce Dove regularly speak to Rotary and other civic groups about our work.  They are available to speak at your church, women's group or civic meeting.  Contact us through our web site.
Equipment provided has included incubators, infant and mother monitors, positive pressure breathing machines, X-ray equipment, operating tables, examining equipment, orthopedic therapy, blood laboratory and blood gas analyzers.
To date 75 tons valued at $10 million have been shipped to the Republic Children’s Clinic & Hospital in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine and orphanages in the same area.
Local north Florida Rotary clubs became involved in raising $20,000 to buy and rehabilitate used incubators which needed to be rewired for 220 current. Rotary International matched the $20,000 and the now $40,000 was used to purchase and rehabilitate 14 incubators.
Spaceport Florida supported our efforts by donating a vehicle. They arranged for our first shipment of an incubator, medical supplies, children’s clothes to be transported to Ukraine through the shipping union in south Florida. Much of the medical equipment shipped throughout these years has been donated by north Florida hospitals and clinics.
In 1998 the County of Barnstable in Massachusetts donated a closed county hospital to us. We were able to ship five twenty foot containers of much needed basic medical supplies including folding cots. Ironically the folding cots were designed to be used in case of an attack by the Soviet Union in a bomb shelter on the property. None had been unrolled for use until their arrival in Ukraine where they now serve as the temporary beds for mothers who stay with their children through out their often long medical care and rehabilitation.
Funds are still needed for packing costs in the USA and disposable supplies.  Please help.
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