Foundation for Children, Inc. - Med Assist USA
The mission of Foundation for Children, Inc. is to provide healing resources and medical surgery for orphans with congenital defects.


We continued our work in Lviv, western Ukraine.  Surgeries took place the last week of April, 2017. Surgeons included Dr. Charles Moore, Dr. Michael Erhard, and Dr. Kevin Neal.  Orthopedic prosthetic specialist Damon Victor accompanied them and researched his specialty.  Damon also initiated a project for 3D printing of a child's missing arm.  [See patient pictures on the surgical team page.]

Dr. Henry Marsh of England, who had opened the doors for us in Lviv,  was working on neurosurgery that week. [on the left below]

Surgery was scheduled only for orphans or foster children, which should have been performed when the child was still an infant, but without parents to advocate for their care, they never got to the surgeons' attention.
Our presence prioritizes the children's needs and allows them to have hope, to lead a normal life, perhaps even to find a forever family who would adopt them.

Sadly we have had to end our trips to Crimea due to the Russian occupation.  We ask you to remember the children of Crimea as you watch world events.  Those children need healing resources and should not be forgotten as governments dither with their future.

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FFC is a Florida charity registered with the Department of Agriculture. Their phone is 800-435-7352 and their website is
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